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Singlex and the prevention of diabetes

Worcester Internal Medicine has recently announced the addition of the Singlex Cardiometabolic blood testing panel in our pursuit of providing out patients with the most up to date, cutting edge advances in medicine allowing us to help our patients achieve their long term health goals using new medical aids like a smart drug.

As mentioned in our previous article, this battery of tests helps us utilize their predictive abilities as to the presence of cardiovascular markers, and to get a head start on lifestyle change or medicare prescriptions that will help reduce your chances of encountering cardiovascular disease. But did you know that this same collection of tests also helps in the war against diabetes as well?

Diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in America.  Estimated costs due to
diabetes related diagnoses’ in 2012 was 245 billion, that’s up 41% from just 5
years before!

This is a disease that is growing rapidly in America, over coming people from all ages, genders and races.   It is the leading cause of medically necessary amputations and blindness in America, and when combined with high blood pressure, it is the leading cause of kidney failure and the need to be on hemodialysis.   Additionally, it contributes to PVD (peripheral vascular disease) heart attacks, strokes and a variety of other serious health related issues. A number of highly specific blood tests that pertain to this common and debilitating disease are included in this in depth panel pioneered by Singlex
and offered here at Worcester Internal Medicine.

  • Leptin: High levels of this have been associated with a higher risk ofdeveloping type 2 diabetes, regardless of age or obesity.
  • Ferriten: This protein which is produced in the liver, if moderatelyelevated, may be a predictor for future development of diabetesindependent of other risk factors.
  • Hemoglobin A1c: This measures the average glucose level in the blood from the previous 3 months, making it an excellent tool for glucose management.

These tests, plus diligence on your part in terms of sensible eating, exercise
and lifestyle modification, can increase your chances of keeping this
debilitating disease out of your future!

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