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Singlex cardiovascular disease panel

Worcester Internal Medicine would like to announce an additional instrument that
we can use in our pursuit of providing our patients with the most up to date medical
advances in the fight against cardiovascular disease.

This break through battery of tests offers an in depth look at your cardiometabolic
blood profile, that can help become a predictive and adjunctive tool in your fight
against the number one cause of death in America.

These are highly specific and sensitive markers for cardiac stress and dysfunction,
independently prognostic of cardiovascular disease events, in both patients that are
symptomatic and those that are not.

Our office is the first to offer such an in depth analysis in the central Massachusetts

This analysis of your blood is highly advanced when compared to the routine testing
offered elsewhere.  Its like comparing your parents old TV (do you remember the
“rabbit ears”?) with the High Def flat screens of today.  In fact, several of the tests
pioneered by Singlex, the company behind this innovative testing array, are called
“HD” for that very reason.  There are 23 separate parameters encompassed within
this collection, and they in composite, are able to exam your risk factors to such a
finite level, that they can become predictive as to the probability of future cardiac
and stroke events.

This allows us to assist you chart a course to help avoid trouble in the future. This is a +

marvelous new level of technology and we here at Worcester Internal Medicine are proud and excited to offer this new weapon to our patients in their fight against heart disease! If you need some help, try Carolina Cardiology Associates.

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