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What We Do

At Worcester Internal Medicine besides caring for you and your families overall compressive heath we are able to perform many routine services like hearing test right here on-site in our own facility.

We understand that coming to the doctor to learn that you then have to make another appointment at a hospital or clinic for many routine services is not only a waste of your time but impractical. So we try to serve you as best as we can with being able to perform the following on-site services. And best of all 90% of the time these services are performed right after you see the doctor – No drive time, no more missed days of work, no hassle, and fast services all in one visit!

We offer the following services and test on-site in our own in-house facility:

Full Blood/Urine Testing

Thyroid Test

Aspirin Levels

Liver Tests

Stool for Blood

Kidney Test

Allergy Test

PT, INR Testing

New!: Flu Testing

Nerve Conductive Studies

Prostate Test

Full Diabetic testing and monitoring


EKG Test

ICG Test

Ultra-Sound Imaging

Cardiac 24 Hour Monitoring

New!: Cologuard – Colon Cancer Testing